Allison (chad_lover) wrote in chad_is_love,

Hey everyone!!Yes i know i left the community but nothing was happening. lol no offence so how about we make this community more exiting!!! First of all i say we change the layout its getting kind of old. Sorry i just had to say that.. lol

Anyways have a great day everybody!!

<33, Allison.

I cant wait till January 25th.. i think you all know why.. but in case you dont thats when One Tree Hill comes back on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

Bye now.
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i agree. id gladly volunteer to make a new layout, but im technology challenged, and dont know how. i say we ask our friends at hotpink_sissors to make one. =)(awesome community, go join!) only if everyone else agrees. i totally love this community, we just need a little change! so- let me know what everyone thinks! <3

and i cant wait till jan 25! HELL YESS I MISSED MY CHAD! =)
Right on my sister.. lol

Luv yah!!
lol, i guess no one else had any input... =/

but im SO glad OTH is backk on! woohoo..

i hate to say it, but if nothings going on here anymore, i might leave. what happened to all the members?!?!?! i love this community.. its getting a little boring when no one posts!!!
i know..