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hey follow Chad lovers!

Name: Anita
Age: 14
Location: Rome, Italy
Hair color: Dark brown
Eye color: Dark brown
Status: Single
Loves: too many things to list.
Hates: sardines.

Color: Green
Number: 10
Actor: Johnny Dep
Actress: none.
Movie: too many to list.
T.V. Show: Gilmore Girls/The OC/OTH/Everwood
Subject: English and Latin
Season: Fall
Memory: any memory with my friends.

C.M.M. CO-Stars: Your opinion of...
Lindsay Lohan: don't like her or her singing.
Hilary Duff: used to hate her, but she's growing on me. esp. after ACS.

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Location: Jacksonville, Florida
Hair Color:Dark Brown Hair
Eye Color:Brown Eyes
Status: Taken
Loves: Food,sleeping, dancing,singing,acting (not profesinally)
Hates: Bugs!
number: 03
Actor: Chad Micheal Murray
Actress: Sophia Bush
Tv Show: OTH, Real world, top vH1 countdown
Subject: Math
Season: Summer
Memory: Acting out a OTH scene
C.M.M CoStars: Hilarie burton and Bethany Joy
Linsday Lohan: NO NOT AT ALL
Hilary Duff: DEFINETLY NO!!!

cool, your kinda like me, but with my sister's name.

go Chad!
ur sister's name is Sara? Cool. so me and you are like big chad fans???
huge Chad fan here.

do you watch One Tree Hill?

he's SO hott.

I totally watch One Tree Hill I have like every line memroized.

That is so sweet that we are both chad fans!!! I totally watch one tree hill i like know every single line and every question someone asks me.

he is hott!
i watch it too.

i can't wait until the 4th Season.

this season was pretty good.
that is so cool....

i cant wait either i really want to see what happens with naley, rachel,coop,brooke,lucas and karen and they are all preggers it is so wierd..

yes this season was good
well, i think that one of the females is pregnant, it would be weird if they all got pregnant at the same time, that's just creppy.

well, we know the Karen is a preggy, so Haley or Brooke... i say Haley because when ( and it will happen) Lucas and Peyton become " more than friends", Brooke will be by herself with the baby, and most public viewers aren't a fan of teenage pregnacy.

i dunno, i could be way wrong.

can i add you?

i know that would be creepy. and im a big fan of brooke and lucas's relationship. but u never know lucas might not walk away if brooke is pregnant he might actually be happy.
yes u can add me.