andrea_deer (andrea_deer) wrote in chad_is_love,

Chad RPS Fanfiction (Chad/Jared)

Title: Have A Little Faith.
Rating: PG-16 (or whatever, check the warnings)
Author: </a></font></b></a>andrea_deer
Words: 3.180
Pairings: Jared Padalecki/Chad Michael Murray
Warnings: RPS, AU, slash, silliness, fluff, attempts at humor, some swearing. Also, author claims her right to hurt all Chad haters on sight.
Summary: Chad is just an awful asshole, obviously not made for serious relationships. And since Jared knows him best, he should also know that. And he does. No, really.
Disclaimer: I can't claim any sort of ownership on any of the characters appearing in this story. Also it's not my business what they're doing in theirs private lives, so even if it would be a true relationship – I wouldn't know about it.
Beta: None! (If someone would be willing to help, I'd be really glad!)
A/N: Wrote for </a></font></b></a>moosesal's amazing Non-J2 CW Real Person Ficathon. The prompt for that fic (even if it turned differently that I saw it at first) is quoted at the beginning of the story.
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